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Warwickshire Surgical Partners is a collaboration between two consultant surgeons who have worked together for many years. Their aim is to provide expert care to patients with a wide variety of surgical problems by combining modern techniques with years of clinical experience.

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Hydrocoele (Fluid around the testicle)


It is very common for boys to be born with a small amount of fluid around the testicle. This is not dangerous in any way and most of the time this disappears over a few weeks or months.If there is a large amount of fluid around the testicle that persists for many months, then this is because there is a persistent track from the abdomen (down which the testicle descended originally) and some fluid from the abdomen is able to pass down the track to surround the testicle. This is called a hydrocoele.


Most small hydrocoeles do not need any treatment. However, if they are large or persist beyond 2-3 years of age, then they can be treated surgically. This is performed as a small day-case procedure under general anaesthetic, where the open track is tied off in the groin through a small incision. Your surgeon will be able to give you full details of this procedure at consultation.



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Warwickshire Surgical Partners have consulting rooms at The Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital in Leamington Spa, The Grafton Suite in Stratford Upon Avon and BMI Meriden Hospital in Coventry.



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